Cervical Spondylosis Exercises

Cervical Spondylosis is a condition resulted by wear and tear of the vertebrae (bones) and the discs of the neck. With time we humans grow older and develop degeneracy in our vertebrae as well as the discs. Studies have revealed that the deterioration set on just past the age of 30.

One evidence of degeneration is that the discs become thinner and thinner over the years while the vertebrae tend to develop rough and small. In Layman's term it is termed as having "wrinkles of the spines" but, it is very difficult to observe its symptoms as only neck X-ray checkups can show some of these features such as disc thinning and osteophytes.

On the other hand, the nearby ligaments, muscles and nerves may be "pressed on" or irritated due to the ageing effects though the cervical spondylosis can result to a little situation like neck pain to older people. This condition can be treated by adopting effective cervical spondylosis exercises that involve strengthening and stretching of the neck and its muscles. What exercise? These exercises last for a short time thus easy to conduct daily. It is best advised to consult with your physician before embarking on any cervical spondylosis exercises.

Isometric Neck Muscle Exercises

This is done by gently pushing the neck muscles in different directions against your hands. Either sit or stand upright and place the left palm on the left side of the head slightly up the ears. While both hands are in the same position one after the other, apply equal pressure for around 30 seconds, and ensure the neck does not move. Now place a hand on the forehead and push against your resistance for another 30 seconds.

Isolated Neck-Stretching Exercises

While sitting or standing and looking forward, try and lean the neck to the left and reach the right ear using your left hand. Lengthen the stretch by applying weight through the left hand, but avoid pulling the neck. Also, hold this stretch for approximately 30 seconds. Repeat the same while leaning your neck towards the right side and for the same period. Thereafter, while the head is in the normal position or center, drift the palm to the right corner of the head at the same time drop the chin down while your palm resting on the back of the head. Maintain that for another 30 seconds. Now repeat the stretches each beginning from the last stretch for just 30 seconds, and by tilting the head to the right side. Make sure there is ease of breathing when carrying out this exercises and practice deep belly breath since they are the best.

Half-Circle Stretching Exercise

After performing the above exercises, now you can do the half circles. First, drop your chin forward and slowly rotate to the right but stop when the chin touches the shoulder. Return slowly to the center and continue on the other side, left. Hold three to five sessions of half circles for each direction.

Indeed, cervical spondylosis exercises are vital to enjoy healthy ageing life and avoid spinal stiffness, spinal joint pain and deformity and a host of the problems that comes with degeneration.